Cincinnati Society of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (ENT)


President Brian Goico, MD – Tri Health

Past President Adam Goodale, MD – The Christ Hospital

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2020 Events

October 20, 6:00 p.m. – New Providers Meet & Greet (virtual meeting)
• Brian Cervenka, MD – Head & Neck Surgery
• Ahmad Sedaghat, MD – Rhinology
• Yen Hsieh, MD – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
• Aaron Friedman, MD – Laryngology

One hour of CME is available. Society members will receive meeting notices with registration information. If you have any questions about registering contact Natalie Peterson.


2019 Events

March 19 – Beyond the Mona Lisa Smile – Carlo & Johnny

April 9 – Hearing Loss & the Invention of the Phonograph: The Story of Thomas Alva Edison – Trio Bistro

October 15 – Evolution of Nasal Polyp Treatment – Tony’s of Cincinnati

November 16 – Why Treat Snoring – Carlo & Johnny

Meetings are normally scheduled quarterly. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, 2020 programs were suspended.

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