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OSMA’s House of Delegates recently passed Resolution 2021-15, Surprise Billing

Dear House of Medicine,

As many of you know, OSMA’s House of Delegates recently passed Resolution 2021-15, Surprise Billing. Part of Resolution 2021-15 requires the creation of a workgroup to assess and address the ongoing impact both state and federal out of network laws have on the physician community.

Each specialty group will be permitted to have one OSMA physician representative on the workgroup. If your specialty is interested in participating in this workgroup, please respond with the name and email address of that representative by this Friday, May 21st.

The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) has recently begun the process of promulgating rules to implement Ohio’s laws regarding surprise billing, which passed in the form of HB 388 last year. ODI asked stakeholders to submit comments in writing several weeks ago highlighting the areas of the law that need clarification through the rules process. OSMA submitted the attached letter as an initial starting point.

Last week ODI released the first set of initial draft rules. Stakeholder have been asked to officially comment on those rules by May 28th. Those draft rules are attached.

OSMA will be issuing comments on the draft rules and would like to have our first meeting with the work group to solicit feedback. We haven’t yet finalized a date/time for the workgroup. However, we will meet prior to comment deadline of May 28.

OSMA will send details including date, time and call in details soon for those appointed to the workgroup.



Joe Rosato
Director, Government Relations
Ohio State Medical Association
(614) 390 0067

Draft Rules 2021-15Initial Letter 2021-15

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