Monday, December 11, 2017
MedChek (CVO)

MedChek provides credentials verification of physicians and allied health professionals applying or being reappointed to area participating hospitals, ambulatory care centers, IPAs and managed care organizations and other health facilities.

Our goal is to complete the application/verification process quickly and efficiently. We have the resources and technology to get the job done fast, efficiently, and economically. MedChek's staff has achieved certification through NAMSS as Certified Provider Credentials Specialists (CPCS) and have a combined total of over 33 years of experience.

  • Primary Source Verification
  • Single point of contact for both providers and organizations
  • Frees up valuable hours for credentialing staff personnel to concentrate on other duties

MedChek follows JCAHO, AAAHC and NCQA guidelines as our basis for credentialing. Your organization and the physician are always kept up to date of the application while it is in process. You will receive a copy of all letters sent to the physician letting him/her know of the progress being made on his/her file. Also, a tracking report can be produced for each physician at any time during the credentialing process. Clients may specify what their credentialing needs are and MedChek will customize a credentialing package for them. This may include having MedChek mail, receive and review applications for completeness, any combination of the required standards and/or requirements related to the specific facility.

MedChek uses:

  • State of the Art Software – Visual Cactus
  • ABMS On-Line
  • NPDB
  • On Line Verification of Licensure
  • E-Mail
  • Scanning Capabilities
  • Electronic Application (on-line so provider can print out and complete)
  • Faxing

MedChek also provides recredentialing services to meet JCAHO/NCQA and AAAHC accreditation standards and, as stated above for appointments, uses a tailored service approach.

In addition to the recredentialing service, MedChek offers a tracking service to keep your provider files current in the years the provider is not being recredentialed. Providers will be notified of expired documents and requested to submit an updated copy. MedChek will forward updated certificates and notify the client if a provider does not provide the requested information.

For more information call the MedChek Director at 513-721-4377 ext. 319, or e-mail her at