Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Application Completion Services

Application Completion Services – Credentials Keepers

Save time, money, and headaches with Credentials Keepers.

Credentials Keepers, a service of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, is designed to help physicians organize and maintain all information needed to process initial hospital applications, reappointments, government plans, and managed care applications. Our Service is available to individual physicians or entire practices for both established and new practitioners.

How much time and money are you and your practice spending on the credentialing process? Credentials Keepers can save you time and money while freeing your staff members to concentrate on the jobs they were hired to do. Initially, we work with your staff to acquire copies of necessary documents for the credentialing needs from start to finish with status updates along the way.

At Credentials Keepers, credentialing is our primary job. With more than 33 years of combined experience, our professional staff provides efficient, accurate, and cost-effective services to our clients. And rest assured that your information is secure through both signed confidentiality statements and our state-of-the-art software.

Credentials Keepers is endorsed by the Ohio State Medical Association. Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and OSMA members receive substantial discounts on Credentials Keepers services.

CK Services offered:

  • Complete application for network participation in health care plans, managed care plans, and government plans
  • Complete reappointments/renewals/re-certifications for health care plans, managed care plans, and government plans
  • Submit address changes for state license(s) and DEA Certificate
  • Updated address changes, etc., to hospitals, managed care plans, government plans
  • Link providers to your health plan or government plans
  • Update government plans with practice’s new locations and or delete locations
  • Apply for or submit renewal of state licensure or DEA Certificate
  • Enter provider into CAQH Database and maintain every 90 days and re-attest
  • Apply for NPI number(s)
  • Complete initial applications and reappointment for hospital privileges
  • Track/maintain current DEA expirations dates, state license(s), malpractice insurance, board certification, and CME credits

For more information and/or service proposal, call or contact Theresa Adkins, MedChek Director, at 513-721-4377, ext. 319 or via e-mail at