Wednesday, January 24, 2018
What We Accomplish

The Health Education and Services Fund
of the Academy of Medicine Alliance of Cincinnati

HESF/AMAC is the Alliance’s philanthropic arm. It was incorporated on January 2, 1990, as a 501(c)3 public charity to expand our volunteers’ ability to serve the community in the areas of health education and services (the mandate of Alliance and HESF/AMAC bylaws). HESF/AMAC is directed by a 13-member board comprising the officers and elected directors of AMAC.

Since January 2, 1990, all philanthropic activities conducted under the auspices of Alliance volunteers are done to benefit HESF/AMAC, and all philanthropic monies disbursed at the recommendation of the Philanthropic Committee are provided by HESF/AMAC. HESF/AMAC monies are raised primarily through individual contributions to fund-raising projects organized by Alliance volunteer efforts such as the annual fashion show, holiday gift sale, etc. Note that monies raised by Alliance members for AMA/ERF are separate from both general Alliance funds and HESF/AMAC funds.

Unlike contributions to the Alliance itself, all contributions to HESF/AMAC (in excess of any value received) are fully tax deductible donations in accordance with IRS regulations. Among numerous other benefits, HESF/AMAC has enabled the creation of an endowment fund for an annual Health Careers Scholarship, a longtime Alliance dream which was finally realized during our Golden Jubilee Year, 1990-1991.

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