Monday, December 11, 2017
Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati Membership Survey
The Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati is interested in your membership preferences. The Ohio State Medical Association plans to seek passage, at its April Annual Meeting, of a resolution that would amend its current membership bylaws. If the resolution passes, you would be offered new membership options. You would have the choice to remain a member of both the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and the OSMA or belong only to the Academy of Medicine or only to the OSMA. In light of this possibility, the Academy is asking for information regarding the organizations to which you currently belong, and if given independent options, the organizations you would choose to belong to in the future.
1. Please check all of the following that apply:
Organizations/DuesCurrent MemberGiven Independent Options I Would Join
Academy of Medicine ($395)
OSMA ($560)
AMA ($420)
Specialty Society
2. How much do you pay for specialty society dues?
3. If you are an Academy member, what is the most important benefit of membership?
4. If you are not a current Academy member, please explain why.
5. What should the Academy do to serve you better?
6. If you are not a member of the Academy, but hold membership in one or more of the other organizations mentioned above, what makes that membership valuable to you?
7. Do you have other comments/suggestions to share regarding the Academy?
If you would like to discuss this issue further, please feel free to contact Academy Executive Director Donna Gilliam at or 513-421-7010, or any member of the Academy Council or First District Delegation. Refer to the membership tab on the Academy website,, for information on member benefits and services. Thank you.