Monday, December 11, 2017
Member Labels/ Lists

You may purchase Academy of Medicine membership labels or an electronic list for a one-time use. The cost breakdown is below. Click here for an order form, or call 513-421-7010 to request one. If ordering a complete set of labels or an electronic list, complete the form and mail it to the Academy with payment; no phone call is necessary. All special sorts must be faxed or emailed to the Academy first. A return call from the Academy with the final total cost will be made to confirm purchase authorization. Orders will only be processed after payment or authorization is received for requested information. Labels will be sent via first class mail to the purchaser and electronic lists will be sent via email to a reputable mail house.

  • Entire membership, approximately 1,300 names includes the following membership types: actively practicing physicians, retired physicians, practicing non-resident physicians (practices are outside of Hamilton County), associate members (health professionals), and resident/fellow members-in-training.
    Labels = $200 Electronic Format* = $200
  • Entire non-member database, approximately 1,500 names:
    Labels = $400 Electronic Format* = $400
  • Actively practicing and non-resident physicians in specific specialty(ies) and/or zip code areas, 2 or more sorts:
    Labels or Electronic format = $0.10 per name + $50 sorting fee

    Discounts may be available for Academy members.

*An electronic format is available, however, the information will only be sent directly to a reputable mail house, not affiliated with or a subsidiary of the organization making the purchase. The electronic format will only be emailed to the mail house for one-time usage. A disclaimer must be signed by the purchaser and returned to the Academy prior to the file being sent.

Disclaimer: Lists/Labels are for a ONE-TIME USE ONLY. Our labels/lists are compiled and verified to the best of our ability. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information furnished and are not liable for any loss caused by our labels/lists. Names of Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati members are furnished for the confidential use of the purchaser only. They are not to be used to compile or prepare mailing lists, marketing aids, classified directories, classified advertising conveyed by any telephonic, mechanical or electronic means, or any other compilations that are sold or otherwise provided to third parties. The labels/lists are seeded with decoy names to protect against unauthorized use. Any unauthorized usage will be subject to additional charges and possible legal action.