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Special Recognition for Our Local EMS Leaders


EMS Week

In Recognition of Our EMS Leaders 

As National EMS Week marks 50 years with the theme “Honoring Our Past, Forging Our Future,” The Academy would like to take a moment to express our deep thanks for all those throughout our EDS and Prehospital Care Committees’ nearly 50-year history who have shaped the excellent quality of emergency care across our community.

The Academy's EDS Committee and Various Subcommittees would not be where we are today without:

The pioneering work of some phenomenal past EDS Chairs:

Daniel Storer, MD, William Gates, MD, Marshall Odom, MD, D. Grant Gilbert, MD, John Albers, MD, Jonathan Van Zile, MD, Donald Locasto, MD

The “lifers” who have committed their time and expertise throughout our history (and we hope aren’t going anywhere any time soon):

Mel Otten, MD, and Phil Oblinger, MD

Our current “future forging” leaders:

Jason McMullan, MD, EDS and Prehospital Care Committee Chair
Tom Charlton, MD, Protocol Committee Chair
Dustin Calhoun, MD, Chair RPAB
Todd Owens, Fire Chief, Compliance Committee Chair

And the volunteer effort of nearly 150 EMS physicians, Fire Chiefs, EMS Coordinators, Paramedics, and nurses:

The collaboration from this group is simply incredible. In a time where healthcare is so siloed and competitive, and everyone’s bandwidth is stretched to the max, it is rare to see so many professionals from across multiple disciplines, systems, departments coming together for a common purpose.

It's surprising to consider that so few organizations and individuals know about this committee, given its significant impact on the health of our region. But the fact is, this dedicated group does not do this work for any type of “kudos.” They do it because they are all committed to providing the best possible quality emergency care for our community.

For that, we thank our EMS professionals this week and every week.

Interested in supporting these efforts? Please contact Jessica Sellar, Executive Director of AOMC at 


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