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Inside look at UC Medical Center COVID care

UC Medical Center provided WLWT with video from inside some of its COVID units. The hospital, like others in the area, is seeing an increase in COVID-positive patients, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions.

In an article on WLWT’s website, Louis Benson Louis IV, MD, chief of cardiac surgery, noted how mentally draining the critical work is on doctors and nurses. Stress and mental health are growing concerns among medical staff. One unit transformed an on-call room into a wellness room, equipped with a massage chair, relaxing music, and lotions.

Additionally, Michael Hellman, MD, was quoted as saying, "We've brought in grief counselors from outside to talk through the hardest moments of which there are lots of moments where we go home and cry by ourselves. And that's something that we've all experienced through the pandemic."

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